14 December 2006

Song of the Week

The Song of the Week is "The Stars of Track and Field" by Belle and Sebastian. This particular song is dedicated to my cool new boss Jeffrey because it offers a glimpse into our working relationship.

While Jeffrey is very professional, I sometimes have problems with what we call "image management." This usually involves me doing or saying something ridiculous in response to something sensible that Jeffrey has said. For example, Jeffrey mentioned his new track jacket and I quoted him this line from "The Stars of Track and Field": "You only did it so that you could wear/Your terry underware/And feel the city air/Run past your body." So my thought process looked like this: Track jacket -> "Stars of Track and Field" -> weird Belle and Sebastianesque lyric.

This type of behavior would usually result in a psych evaluation and a written warning from HR, but Jeffrey just smiles and shakes his head. I have vowed to work on my image management and Jeffrey has been very patient with me. There has been progress - I haven't done the robot dance at my office in weeks. Three cheers for professionalism!

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