22 July 2006

Song of the week

Last week was heavy on the "nova" so this week will be heavy on the "sassa." For your listening pleasure, I present "Freak-A-Zoid" by Midnight Star. My good friend, The Funky Robot, is heavily featured on the track. As some of you know, The Funky Robot hacked into my cell phone voicemail system and has recorded the outgoing message. I should change it, but he is such a talented rapper.

Speaking of talented . . . my very talented sister had a birthday on Thursday. I hope that you sassed it up on your special day, Stephunkanie!

(Stephanie is in the picture on the right.)

16 July 2006

Thanks for the Comments

Thanks for all of the lovely comments, ladies (+ Ben).

Ben, in a moment of sass-induced delirium, I forgot to say that political discussion will be a part of the new blog. I invite you to be my co-blogger on a weekly political round-up. You even get to choose the name.

Kelly, I am sorry that I made you laugh at work. Next time, tell the person on the phone that you have a nervous tic. Oh, I had a dream about you - you were pregnant and you had a dazzling mystic tan. You were really glowing!

Andi, I plan on documenting the real and fake histories of Sassitude. Please blog with me as we recall the illustrious beginnings of Sassitude.

Stacy, I will have different features on the blog including: Guest Blogger, Song of the Week, Political Round-Up, Contest Mania (win some craftiness or stuff in my Goodwill pile!), This Week in Sassitude History AND . . . . Sass it Up - a guide to increase your sass quotient. To tide you over, here is a sass tip: start your day with a samba - beginner or advanced.

Lisa, Sassitude is available for live performances. Next time Andi is in town, you will find us doing the roger rabbit on your front lawn.

15 July 2006

Guest Blogger: Ranette

Today we have a very special guest blogger - my friend, Ranette! Ranette (also known as Ranetti-Spaghetti) and I spend a lot of time together doing very fun things like roller skating, eating at Moe's, shopping, and picnicking. This morning Ranette and I cooked an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry waffles - yumtastic!

Ranette: This is Ranette one of Renee's friends and i just wanted 2 say hi and we did have fun eating blueberrie waffles and the eggs were delicious.and this furry dog is Iris and she likes to jump and if u tease her she will jump on u now bye bye and bo u.

To find out how you too can get such a cool friend, click here!

14 July 2006

Song of the Week:
"Stay" by Astrud Gilberto

Hello, everyone. The song of the week is "Stay" by Astrud Gilberto. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

13 July 2006


Hello! I'm so glad to see you. You look wonderful today - that color really brings out your eyes. Did you do something different with your hair? Really . . . you are just glowing.

Anyway . . . you are probably wondering why I asked you here today. See, I've started a blog. I know. I know. How will I find the time to keep it up? Trust me, I'll manage. What will I talk about? Nothing in particular - music, media, hurtful gossip, gardening, and knitting.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of shameless self promotion and narcissism. I am so glad you are here.