16 July 2006

Thanks for the Comments

Thanks for all of the lovely comments, ladies (+ Ben).

Ben, in a moment of sass-induced delirium, I forgot to say that political discussion will be a part of the new blog. I invite you to be my co-blogger on a weekly political round-up. You even get to choose the name.

Kelly, I am sorry that I made you laugh at work. Next time, tell the person on the phone that you have a nervous tic. Oh, I had a dream about you - you were pregnant and you had a dazzling mystic tan. You were really glowing!

Andi, I plan on documenting the real and fake histories of Sassitude. Please blog with me as we recall the illustrious beginnings of Sassitude.

Stacy, I will have different features on the blog including: Guest Blogger, Song of the Week, Political Round-Up, Contest Mania (win some craftiness or stuff in my Goodwill pile!), This Week in Sassitude History AND . . . . Sass it Up - a guide to increase your sass quotient. To tide you over, here is a sass tip: start your day with a samba - beginner or advanced.

Lisa, Sassitude is available for live performances. Next time Andi is in town, you will find us doing the roger rabbit on your front lawn.

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