13 July 2006


Hello! I'm so glad to see you. You look wonderful today - that color really brings out your eyes. Did you do something different with your hair? Really . . . you are just glowing.

Anyway . . . you are probably wondering why I asked you here today. See, I've started a blog. I know. I know. How will I find the time to keep it up? Trust me, I'll manage. What will I talk about? Nothing in particular - music, media, hurtful gossip, gardening, and knitting.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of shameless self promotion and narcissism. I am so glad you are here.


Ben said...

Like pink much?

Congratulations on the blog, and tomorrow you can talk about the joys of WW3 beginning and our esteemed VP being sued.

Tootlebug said...

Dear Sassitude-ette,
updates which will require me laughing out loud should come with a WARNING!! I busted out loud in the middle of a call when I opened this...especially the "(uninvited)" performance mention...

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the other member of Sassitude. I wanted to let you know we have a gig next weekend. The Little General Cloggers will be performing in downtown Kennesaw, GA. The age group for this troupe is 6-10 so we will have no problem pulling them up by their spandex and tossing them off the stage so we can perform.
To those of you out there who think this is cruel, you need to realize that "gigging ain't easy". Last month Renee had to stick a knife in a toddler. He was a threat. Sassitude eliminates threats.
Fortunately, his little body didn't bleed much.

much love,

Renee said...

In my defense, it was only a plush knife. I got it off of my pirate Carebear, Stabby.

Anonymous said...


Your sassitude overwhelms me! I wish I could have been there to see your live performance, I regret it to this DAY! And I want to send out a special 'hello' to Andi, sass it out girrrrrl! I can only hope that your blog helps to boost my sassitude. Would you mind offering weekly motivations?


Anonymous said...

You are one sassy mama! Can we request a live performance or are they only spontaneous?