22 July 2006

Song of the week

Last week was heavy on the "nova" so this week will be heavy on the "sassa." For your listening pleasure, I present "Freak-A-Zoid" by Midnight Star. My good friend, The Funky Robot, is heavily featured on the track. As some of you know, The Funky Robot hacked into my cell phone voicemail system and has recorded the outgoing message. I should change it, but he is such a talented rapper.

Speaking of talented . . . my very talented sister had a birthday on Thursday. I hope that you sassed it up on your special day, Stephunkanie!

(Stephanie is in the picture on the right.)


Ben said...

Ha ha, Renee got bored of blogging after one week.

Renee said...

Song of the week is just a little late this week. Man, you think that you were waiting for my rent check.