15 July 2006

Guest Blogger: Ranette

Today we have a very special guest blogger - my friend, Ranette! Ranette (also known as Ranetti-Spaghetti) and I spend a lot of time together doing very fun things like roller skating, eating at Moe's, shopping, and picnicking. This morning Ranette and I cooked an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry waffles - yumtastic!

Ranette: This is Ranette one of Renee's friends and i just wanted 2 say hi and we did have fun eating blueberrie waffles and the eggs were delicious.and this furry dog is Iris and she likes to jump and if u tease her she will jump on u now bye bye and bo u.

To find out how you too can get such a cool friend, click here!


Alicia Hurley said...

Renee, your waffles look delectable! I may feel inspired to add more than one post to my blog. You are one sassy mama!

Renee said...

Alicia, my sassiness pales in comparison to sassiness!