16 August 2006

Little Miss Remiss

Y'all, I'm going through a shame spiral. I haven't blogged in weeks . . . this is more shameful than my pile of unfolded laundry . . . more shameful than the El DeBarge on my iPod . . . more shameful than a stack of unread issues of the New Yorker! I wish that I had a good excuse like I was rehabilitating a hateful and over-gelled Mel Gibson. Or that I was healing the enormous rift between Paris and Nicole. Alas, I was just having a full-on veg-out between the Summer and Fall semesters.

During this time I have succeeded in doing very little. I have watched nearly half of Season 2 of both Project Runway and The O.C. I have lost a good deal of brain cells doing this and may start drooling at any minute. I have to say that Project Runway is pretty spectacular. Many of my friends told me how great the show was, but I feigned disinterest and a commitment to my cable-free (cheap) lifestyle. But when I heard Daniel V. say the words, "It's a mothef**king walkoff!!!" I knew that I had found something special. I find The O.C. equally addictive and I noticed that O.C. speak has sneaked into my vocabulary (I said something was gi-normous the other day).

When not wallowing in pop culture over the past few weeks, I have read my favorite book -
Running in the Family - and what may be my least favorite book - Jitterbug Perfume (sorry pagan bookclubbers). I am currently enjoying A Girl Named Zippy and am looking for another book to read before school starts. Any suggestions? I also got to see my favorite movie Black Orpheus (not Black Orifice, as my brother thought).

I traveled to Atlanta twice to visit with my family and I had a great time as usual. My 88-year-old Aunt Anita is beautiful as ever and my grandpa (her brother) seems to be the most popular guy in town. When we paid a surprise visit to his apartment, we were a little stunned to see his lovely young (25ish) neighbor sitting at his kitchen table. It turns out that she is a great person who often visits with Grandpa. He assures us that they are just friends.

On my long car trips to and from Atlanta, the
Gilles Peterson in Brazil podcasts kept me company. The commentaries are a great introduction to Brazilian music and a wonderful way for me to expand my horizons beyond bossa nova.

Well, that's it. I'm going to do something frivolous. Until next time . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow! Least favorite? Really? We missed you the other night, we could have used your point of view and we wondered what you must have thought of all of the sexually charged metaphors! I actually haven't finished, it's a hard one to read...bye!

Renee said...

Ok . . . maybe I was being a bit dramatic. "Jitterbug Perfume" isn't my least favorite book. I did give it a 100 pages and I wouldn't have done that if I truly hated the book. I just thought that some of the passages were kinda gross - that's just the prude in me. I was also a little bothered because it seemed that every line was too clever. I know that is an odd statement - I just wanted him to be a little more straight forward.

I hate that I missed book club and seeing Ali's fancy new kitchen, but I was exhausted after class. What is our next book?

Miss y'all!

Caroline Armijo said...

Hi Renee,

I had to check in to see what was up with Sassa-Nova! Alex said that you were making Gumbo this weekend. I hope that there is a full report on the blog next week. I hate that I will miss it. (Although, I know that I am not officially on the guest list.)

Best, Caroline