25 December 2006

It's A Live Blogging Christmas! Part 2

The living room is officially a disaster area. The Taylor family has ripped through layers of wrapping paper and yards of ribbon and we are all playing with our brand new toys. Like every year, we went from youngest to oldest (Daniel to Mom) to take turns opening our presents. Stephanie cried when she opened her new mac book. Within an hour she was creating and editing a movie (she is a media studies major). Laura already has tons of songs on her iPod and I added a subscription to "Ask A Ninja" to her iTunes. I am really excited about my sewing machine and a fancy-schmancy home dry cleaning system. I can't wait to experiment with them once I get home. I wonder how long it will be before I can make a skirt?

OK, I feel a gumbo coma coming on. I shouldn't have had that second bowl . . .

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