25 December 2006

It's A Live Blogging Christmas! Part 1

I woke up this morning and decided that I was going to live blog this Christmas. I'll start with a re-cap of the Christmas Eve activities. I picked up my Little Sister Ranette for a little last minute grocery shopping and a quick trip to Starbucks. Ranette helped me wrap the last of my presents while I finished cleaning. As soon as I finished cleaning the bathroom, I saw my sister Laura's head pop through my front door. Great timing. My mom and my sisters helped me in the kitchen and pretty soon we were eating chili-rubbed salmon with zucchini spears and fiesta corn followed by my favorite dessert - chocolate bread pudding. We all got to open one present (a Taylor family tradition). Daniel was less than thrilled with his Soduku books and Laura and Stephanie were aghast when they opened their matching toothbrush/flosser sets. I was thrilled with my picture key chain and makeup set from Ranetti Spaghetti and her family.

After dinner, my parents went to pick up my older brother from the airport and the rest of us headed to Danville. Stephanie's boyfriend, LJ, and some of her other friends joined us around midnight for a late night snack and a gift exchange. They got a kick out of listening to the message the Funky Robot left on my answering machine. They begged the FR to make an appearance, but he is terribly shy. Maybe they will get a phone call from him.

Sturkey and our parents came in after midnight. He allowed one hug before bellowing, "Stop touching me!" Awww. I miss him too.

I am a little antsy waiting for the present opening to start. Laura and Stephanie are going to pee on themselves with excitement when they see their gifts. And I am going to laugh at them for peeing on themselves. What a nice big sister!

I'll check back in after the present opening starts.

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