01 January 2008

Christmas Gift Wrap Up Part 1

I got an email from Stacey the other day commenting on another Scholar Collar that I made for a Christmas present. Stacey (very nicely) made the valid point that she has to keep up with my projects via flickr because my blogging is . . . well . . . less than frequent.

That's true, but there has been a good reason for that. You'll notice that badge for Handmade Holidays on the left of my blog. Well, I attempted to make nearly all of my Christmas gifts this year and every free moment for the past 5-6 weeks has been spent knitting and sewing. I even developed what I call "Craft Induced Insomnia" - a state of sleeplessness brought on by self-inflicted deadlines, the whir of a sewing machine, and the clack of knitting needles. I would look up at the clock after finishing a project and notice that it was 1:00 am and I had to be at work in 7 hours.

I can't really complain though. I knit a lot of great little projects, learned a few new techniques, and saved myself from the mall. Here are a few items:

For my friends Danielle and Christine - The "Simple Tote Bag" from Bend The Rules Sewing filled with rice heat therapy bags (thanks Sew, Mama, Sew!), eye pillows and books
from my collection that I thought they would like. Christine also got a Scholar Collar for her birthday on the 22nd. Christine, like Danielle, is smart, skinny, successful, and beautiful. Yet she is so cool and funny that I can look past all of that and call her one of my best friends ; )

For my sisters Laura and Stephanie - Shoulder Bags, a capelet for Stephanie, and a set of Dashings for Laura (picture to come). Lordy, next year Stephanie won't be allowed downstairs with a doo rag on. And she won't be allowed to wear ALL of her presents at the same time!

More to come . . .

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Virtuous said...

LOL!!! ;op Well...I was just saying! As long as I can keep up with you it doesn't matter which venue! :oD

And I so did a self-imposed knit insomnia on those dang gloves...I was like GO TO BED! Haha!

I love all of your craft gifts! Great job! Even better you saved yourself from the mall! :oD