09 January 2008

Gifts for Kids

What little girl doesn't like a dolly? Especially a handmade Ruby Doll with calico, lace, ribbons and cute felt faces. These dolls were Christmas gifts for the baby daughters of a few of my friends.

They were a joy to sew up! I matched the dolls "hair" color to each baby's hair color. Each doll has a different hair style, facial expression, and outfit. I added little flannel sleeping bags and blankies for each doll. If there is one thing I learned from Barbie, it is that every doll needs an accessory. Ruby doesn't get a Corvette or a condo with an elevator, but she does get a sleeping bag.

I met seven-year-old Tevan at my cousin's wedding in Buffalo. While we were waiting for members of the bridal party to get their nails done, I taught Tevan how to knit. She picked it up in a matter of minutes. She is certainly a knitting wunderkind! To encourage her in her art, I gave her the book "Kids Learn to Knit" by Lucinda Guy and Francois Hall. I first saw this book on the Brownberry Chronicles and knew that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for Tevan. I added a few skeins of kid-friendly DK yarn (colorful, not itchy, not acrylic), a blunt tapestry needle, and a pair of size 6 bamboo needles just like the needles in the book. Tevan called me last week to say that she loved her Christmas surprise and that she has already cast on!

This is so very "Reading Rainbow," but I have to say that I love this book. But don't take my word for it! Go to your local library or check out the Blue Blog's great write up about "Kids Learn to Knit".

During that knitting class in the nail shop, Tevan said that she wanted a scarf with a cat on it. So, of course, she got that in her Christmas box too.

Whew! I think that is the last of my Christmas craftiness blogging. Now I get to start a little something for me!


Virtuous said...

That was a GREAT gift! I am going to have to keep that book in mind!

Nettie said...

That was a great gift. Thoughtful and useful, I'm sure her mom was pleased too.

I love Reading Rainbow so I am no stranger to my local library or bookstore =)

JennaKate said...

How sweet are you!!! That little girl is going to remember you forever. Way to encourage (enable?) the next generation! Cute kitty scarf too!

Caroline Armijo said...

I love these dolls! And I love your gift for the new knitter in your family! What a wonderful idea.