12 November 2007

The Scholar Collar

My dear friend Danielle is one of those people that you would assume that you would not like. Beautiful - yup. Successful - yup. Smart - yup. Stylish - yup yup. Nice - yup yup yup. It is that last part that gets you. She is so nice, kind and funny that you have to forgive her for being so darn perfect. She is the one person that I can call that I know I will end up laughing so hard that I will have to gasp for breath.

Danielle is three weeks younger than me. This means that I get to see what it is like to be 31 and then I tell her what it's like. Luckily, nothing has fallen off or dropped to the floor. We can both breathe a sigh of relief. Besides this special knowledge, I can also give her a handmade present - the Scholar Collar by brooklyntweed. I chose this because: 1) Danielle works in Brooklyn, 2) she went to law school so she is certainly a scholar and 3) it is probably the only one of the gorgeous things designed by brooklyntweed that I can actually make.

I used this yarn and size 10 1/2 needles for this project. I knit a garter stitch rectangle (7" X 22.5") and placed buttonholes where I thought they should go. The results are so squishable . . . I really almost kept it.

Danielle, this is how you wear it - just button and go:
Happy Birthday, Danielle!


wildflower38 said...


Virtuous said...

So quick and easy! SOLD! I am making one and definitely for Reason #3!!!

@ Danielle Too funny at why you love to hate her! What a wonderful friendship you both have!

2 posts in one month!! Stop it!! LOL :op

Karen said...

Hey! It was good to see you at knit nite...Your scholar collar is amazing. I'm pretty sure if I put that around my neck, it would never come off!! How's juliet coming? See you soon!

Brown Berry said...

You just GOTTA love a friend you can knit for and know that she'll appreciate it. Nice work! Love the capelet too. Have a restful weekend!

gold said...

Beautiful scraf!