10 October 2007

Greetings from Buffalo!

I have loads of FOs to share, but I thought that I would share my "Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet" first. A few weeks ago I started looking for a little sweater to wear over a black spaghetti strap dress that I planned to wear to my cousin's wedding. Since cousin Tommy's wedding was going to take place in Buffalo in October and I am so not used to cold weather, I had to find something reasonably warm, but still dressy enough for a wedding. In a radical change of thinking, I decided to make something instead of simply going to the store.

After an exhaustive search through Ravelry, I came across the capelet - a short sleeved cropped sweater in reverse stockinette. The chunky yarn, the reversibility, and the pin closure sold me on the sweater. I chose Cascade 128 in a lavendar shade (maybe lilac mist - did I just make that up?) and I used just over two skeins. Which was kind of a problem. I only had two skeins and couldn't find another one in Winston-Salem or Charlotte. I went online and found what I needed at Yarn Country. Luckily, it came quickly and I was able to finish up the ribbing on the bottom of the body and sleeves.

This was my first time blocking and I think that it turned out all right. I used the full-size upright steamer I got for Christmas a few years back (before I even considered it for blocking). I found a cute pin at Target and I was all ready for the wedding.
It was such a success that my sister and a bridesmaid have asked for capelets of their very own!
OK, I am no longer in Buffalo. It is November 9th and I am just now remembering to put up this post. I've got lots more to share - I hope that I can get to it all!


PAJNSTL said...

it came out cute.. pretty color

WeeBit Wonky said...

I think it's gorgeous! I got to your blog by looking at the different Anthropologie Caplets on Ravelry.

PAJNSTL said...

Gumbo... girl, this will be my 1st year making it without help on the base... we shall see how it turns out though! I'm doing seafood gumbo though!

Virtuous said...

Yep it came out lovely!

So glad to see you updating! I had to rub my eyes! HAHA!

YAH! @ caplet being a big hit at the wedding! Yep you know it is good one folks are placing in their orders!! :op

You really lucked out with the yarn. Did that 3rd skein ironically end up being from the same dye lot? You can't even tell!!

I need to get me one of those steamer boards now!

Susan said...

Great job and wonderful color. I made one for my sister and she loves it.


Monique said...

Very nice!