24 September 2007

Voila! One becomes three

I rescued this huge bouquet from the trashcan at work. It was left over from a board meeting and no one wanted to take it home. I can see why - it is a bit too formal to have in your house.

I knew that a little creative re-arranging, a vase and two re-purposed candle holders would yield wonderful results. So my house looks all pretty and it didn't cost me a cent! Don't you love it when that happens!


Desiknitter said...

Came over here from your comment on my blog - thanks so much! Those are lovely flowers. Will visit again!

Elke said...

I didn't realize you had a blog!

Way to reclaim those flowers. I love the sea urchin vases.

Greg McKnight said...

Good thing she could outrun that widow when she stole the casket spray before the old man was even buried.