25 June 2009


I love the Kiki-Mariko Rug from the second Mason-Dixon book, but I wanted to try a smaller project first before diving into such a huge effort.

The perfect opportunity arose when my boss showed me his new glasses. The arms of his glasses have a funky little pattern that looks just like the zig zag pattern in the Kiki-Mariko Rug. Since his birthday was coming up, I decided to make a dishcloth using the pattern in the same colors as his glasses.

I tried a flat discloth first. Oops - the floats show. Well, duh. So I decided to knit it in the round without the steek and make it more of thick hot pad than a dish cloth. I knit the tube, turned it inside out, seemed the bottom, turned it rightside out and did a 3-needle bind off for the top. Voila!

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